Mind Map: Free Media Distribution

Here is a mind map featuring some of the free channels you can send messages out to effectively. (Click Image to View Larger)

If you have any to add please leave a comment

If you would like to make mind maps like these please go to http://www.MindMeister.com


2 Responses to Mind Map: Free Media Distribution

  1. Paul Urban says:

    Nice MindMap… Can you add Hyperlinks in MindMeister?… Mind Mapping is great for dashboarding. I personally use MindMapper and it has great features but I like these new online solutions.

    I like to make a MindMap of my day, when I open the PC in the morning I create a MindMap with branches for “contacts”, Task List, and websites hyperlinked that I will need to access quickly through out the day. Plus I can Hyperlink to files and folders on my PC, once all set up (takes about 10 minutes) I have my dashboard for the day set and everything I need within 3 clicks…. contacts, tasks, files, websites… etc…

    I also do it with resources and schedules for my projects and by using this on a daily basis I reckon it increases my productivity by at least 30% in a day!.

    Great Map and look forward to more! if you want to view some MindMapping videos drop over to my new blog: http://www.mindmappingforsuccess.com

    Keep Mapping!

  2. scottbradley says:


    I just sent you an e-mail!

    Thanks for the comment!

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