Mind Map: Effective Twitter Tools

Here is a compilation of all of the known Twitter Tools out there that I know of. (Click Image To View Larger)

Please let me know if I am missing anything! Just leave a comment and I will change her up!

If you would like to make mind maps like this just go to http://www.MindMeister.com

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7 Responses to Mind Map: Effective Twitter Tools

  1. Walter Reade says:

    This is great for people like me who are trying to come up to speed with Twitter! Thanks!!

    Walter Reade (from Wisconsin)

  2. scottbradley says:


    Your welcome! It is my pleasure! More good things to come!

  3. Don’t know which of the below you feel belong on this map, but here is a list of some tools that I don’t think you have listed yet…


    Somewhere out there I found a comprehensive list of Twitter-based services, but can’t seem to track that down. The above is just straight from my bookmarks.

  4. Walter Reade says:

    http://twitpic.com/ for posting pictures on twitter

  5. chep2m says:

    This is very cool; thank you…I will add a link to my post on Ten Top Twitter Tips
    ( http://chep2m.wordpress.com/2008/05/08/ten-top-twitter-tips/ ).

  6. @ Nick Thanks for the other resources! I appreciate it!

  7. […] first resource I want to direct you to is on my new blog The Mind Mapper. In this post on twitter I highlight some of the many twitter tools that you can use to enhance your twitter […]

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