Mind Map: Driving Traffic To A Website

Here is a Mind Map that I created about all of the possible ways to drive traffic to a website. (Click Image To View Larger)

If I am missing anything please comment to let me know and I will be sure to post a revised one!

If you would like to create mind maps like this just go to MindMeister.


One Response to Mind Map: Driving Traffic To A Website

  1. Interesting map. You should also include that you can advertise on StumbleUpon and get users to check out your site and rate it, hoping that they like it and stumble it. Learn more at stumbleupon.com/ads

    You should also include other search engines like Yahoo, MSN, Ask and vertical engines for relevant sites like Business.com – all can provide organic and paid traffic.

    You also left off profiles on social networking sites like Myspace.com that expose your brand to more people and hopefully gets them to visit the site. It works for musicians 🙂

    Lastly, you can create designs for products on sites like Zazzle.com that people might actually buy. An example would be a cool design for a t-shirt that people buy and has some connection to your brand and site (you might include the site in the description).

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